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Marcy Vincent


I am Marcy Vincent. I am 42 years old and the mother of 3. I have been a Registered Nurse for 20 years. I am a recent Certified Personal Trainer and TUFFCamp coach. I completed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course December, 2012. I started my fitness quest 3 years ago, a few months before Chrissy convinced me to try my first TUFFCamp.

My Story: I never had a problem with my weight as a child or as an adult. Having had 3 children, I never had a problem losing the weight I gained with my pregnancies. I worked out on an inconsistent basis, my favorite exercise being walking, especially when my children were young. As they got older, I found less and less time for me between working, raising a family and taking care of a household. As I approached my 40s, the number on the scale started to increase and I began to feel sluggish and more tired than my normal. I realized that I needed to start doing something for me, something to keep me healthy and strong and energized; not only for me, but also for my children. Coming from a family of heavyset Polish women, I knew I did not want to end up looking like them and being unable to do what I wanted to do because of my size and lack of energy.

 My TC/CrossFit Journey: I started taking an exercise class in the summer of 2009 and I supplemented at home by doing some light weight training. In December 2009, Chrissy Mayernik (now the owner of CrossFit TC Unplugged) encouraged me to come and try TC, which was run by her personal trainer Greg Tymon. I went, and even though I could barely move the next day, I couldn’t wait to go back and have been hooked ever since. I can now do things I never thought possible: run 5Ks, lift 65lb barbells, do handstands, burpees, 35lb dumbbell swings!!! I hate to run, but I have done the 200-mile Ragnar relay twice!!! Believe me, THAT was never on my Bucket List, not even in my wildest dreams!!! Not only has my physical condition greatly improved, but I have developed lifelong friendships with some of the most incredible, fit, encouraging, supportive people I have ever meet, all part of this amazing CrossFit TC family.

My favorite exercises are squats, cardio sit-ups, box jumps (24”), Turkish getups, dumbbell swings. Though burpees are not my favorite, I can do 21 in a minute. Fran time is 6:55 (65lbs, jumping pull-ups).

My take on a CrossFit TC Unplugged workout: It will be hard, it will challenge you; you will sweat, you will not be able to breathe and you will hurt. But when you are done, you will realize that you have just accomplished a feat like no other and you will wipe the sweat off your face, take a deep breath and smile, realizing that what you just accomplished is 10x better than sitting on the couch!