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Mary Kaye Snyder


Hi I’m Mary Kaye 🙂 I’ve been a lot of energy in a small package my whole life, but the way I’ve channeled my energy through exercise has taken many different forms over the years. It all began with jumping rope, hula hooping, and jumping up and down on my pogo stick for hours as a child! During high school I became involved in attending group aerobics classes of the Jane Fonda variety, leg warmers and all! I taught aerobic and dancercize classes throughout college. I have tried every fitness craze to hit the streets and have experimented with every piece of fitness equipment I could get my hands on. I joined a gym in 1983, started strength training, and never turned back! I am licensed to teach Zumba and Zumbatomic in addition to holding a certificate to train CrossFit. I have enjoyed every step of my fitness journey, but nothing compares to the impact of CrossFit on my mind and body.

My Story: CrossFit has not only given me the confidence to challenge myself during workout sessions, but more importantly, has inspired me to engage in events outside the gym, challenges I would have never dreamed imaginable. I’ve run 5Ks, a 10 mile race, a 202 mile Ragnar relay across PA and participated in a variety of obstacle races. CrossFit has taught me that I can only get better when I’m willing to work out of my comfort zone. This attitude has permeated my life. As a high school teacher, I invest myself in motivating my students to push beyond their comfort zone academically and with regard to their health and fitness. In addition to stimulating their minds, I have sprinted against them, arm wrestled, gone head to head in regular and handstand push up matches, and burpeed side by side, always striving to try something new or do better the next time.

My favorite  “girl” is Annie, totally inspired by my youth! I love double unders and have a PR of 6:04. Planks are my way of meditating….my longest period of “relaxation” was 4 minutes. No surprise that I have a love/hate relationship with burpees, but they still remain my favorite way to get my heart pumping. My best attempt was 26 burpees in a minute. I embrace anything that requires lifting heavy weights or swinging kettlebells (maybe it’s Little Girl Syndrome). Perfecting form for overhead squats has been a personal challenge and my shins will probably never heal from box jump battle wounds! I whine and moan every time I have to do wall ball and I dream about the day I will be able to do a muscle up!

I was never an athlete….never played softball or volleyball, never ran track or played soccer or field hockey. Today, at the age of 52, thanks to our owner Chrissy, the Tuff Camp family, and CrossFit TC Unplugged, I’m proud to call myself an athlete!

MK is obtaining CF Kids Certification in August, 2013.