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CrossFit Kids

CrossFit TC Unplugged launched CrossFit Kids in December, 2013 .  Let us show your kids what it means to be totally FIT across the board – fitness that prevents disease, and refuses to focus on a narrow slice of the fitness spectrum!  We train our athletes to be ready for anything, including the unknown.

CrossFit is referred to as the Sport of Fitness and this Sport they can do for the rest of their lives.  CF workouts are designed and randomized to work all 10 elements of fitness and while doing so, get your kids in the best shape of their lives, period end.  This training WILL boost all levels of performance whether it’s football, field hockey, volleyball, baseball or just plain life!

See two teams of kids with camp leaders busting out a fun WOD (workout of the day).

Your kids will learn the 3 basic components of CrossFit.

Metabolic Conditioning: jumping rope, proper running and sprinting methods, box jumping, jumping rope to name a few

Gymnastics: ring work, push ups, sit ups,  pull ups, hand stands, hand stand push ups, burpees, sit thrus, and many many more body weight exercises

Olympic Weight Lifting:  the snatch, dead lifts, cleans, push press, shouder press, thrusters, sumo dead lift high pulls, back squats, front squats, to name a few

But putting these together in fun and often scored workouts is what CROSSFIT is about.

Contact Chrissy for more info or to reserve a spot: Chrissy