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Adding Class Survey Feedback

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

Adding Classes Survey….If we could add Monday at 5pm or Sunday at 6:30pm, would you change current days or come more often? Which day works better, if any. ┬áReply as a post. ┬áThank You!

8 responses to “Adding Class Survey Feedback”

  1. buzzsawl@ptd.net says:

    I prefer Sunday’s at 6:30p and would workout one more day if it were added – sample comment.

  2. Jeff Bonacci says:

    Wednesday at 7 is a bit tough a Wednesday at 6 – 6:30 would be nice. I am sure Saturday at 8 works best for the majority of folks a 9:00 start would be nice, I have to travel 30 minuteas to get there. : )

  3. Brian N says:

    I’d add a day for the Sunday nighter

  4. Vicki M says:

    Monday at 5 wouldn’t be possible due to my work schedule and I may do Sunday as a make up day or as an extra day occasionally.

  5. Jenn Betz says:

    I’d add Sunday night (pending future work schedule)

  6. Pete Shanton says:

    Sundays would be a good adddition. I would probably just use it as an extra day. Lets face it, any time we can CrossFit is a good time.

  7. Corinne says:

    I like the Sunday at 6:30 idea. I don’t think I would add a4th class, but it would help me make sure I can stick to 3!

  8. Denise O says:

    Sunday and Monday are both good. I would add a day.