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Nutrition Challenge – Week 4

Posted on Feb 9, 2013

Week 4  of Nutrition Challenge!

Start with 10 points.

* NEW for Week 4 – 4 servings of Veggies a day!  Yes 4!  This does not count any fruit – just veggies.  Have fun! For each day you miss 4 servings you subtract 1 point (-1).

Plus all the previous healthy for life habits…

* Drink 60 oz of water every day!  For every day you miss getting in 60 oz of water, subtract 1 point.

* Plan out 3 cheats for the week and stick to those 3.   NO Opportunistic Cheats!  Subtract 1 point for any cheat other than your 3 planned!

Bonus Points:  Post something  on our CF Facebook group  about the challenge to keep us all motivated  ie your cheats, or a recipe or anything.  Posting at least once gives you 5 extra points. Do 116 sit ups per day Monday – Sunday.  This is for the 116 Burpeee Challenge that started this week!  You can skip a day or so, but you have to make them up to earn the 5 bonus points!

Valentine’s Day Buy Out – if you do 100 burpees on Valentine’s Day you get 1 extra cheat this week to use as you please!

Max Points for the week 20 ( 10 + 5+5).

————DEFINITION(s) of Cheats…

Cheats:  Bad Carbs, Alcohol and all the things you already know are bad such as cakes candy, milkshakes, cookies, 100 calorie packs, chips, pretzels, popcorn, dried fruit, etc…. Alcohol:  if you attempt to lower the calories you can have 2 drinks as a cheat, but full torte = 1 full cheat. Ex 1 RUM and COKE = 1 cheat. 2 RUM and Diet Cokes = 1 cheat. 1 BEER = 1 Cheat, 2 Low carb/calorie BEER = 1 cheat. Yes, alcohol now chews up a CHEAT!

** Bad Carbs: ALL Pasta – ALL Rice – Rice Cakes – Popcorn – Pretzels – White Potatoes – Bread (unless Low Carb or flour-less) – Dried Fruit – Raisins, all bars, all juices, 100 calorie packs, etc…anything made with flour!

** Good Carbs: beans, apples, blueberries, Squash, Oatmeal…carbs marked LOW on glycaemic index.



4 responses to “Nutrition Challenge – Week 4”

  1. Deb Schweitzer says:

    So if I am reading this right – are all cereals a cheat with the exception of oatmeal…..yikes…..Guess I better subtract a whole lot of points already….. 🙁 Sigh….way harder than I thought……

  2. Stacey says:

    Can we have a buyout for all the remaining weeks……gives more 2 more low calorie beers!

  3. Stacey says:

    19 points week 4-Stacey

  4. Jenn Betz says:

    Week 4 I had 10 points.