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Nutrition Challenge Week 2

Posted on Jan 26, 2013

Week 2  of Nutrition Challenge – Whoo hoo!

FEB 2nd  (Saturday) at 3pm!!! NUTRITION TALK AT CHRISSY’S house. Cost $12.  I need to know count ahead of time.  This talk has helped loads of our crew – great info!   Sometimes folks go back through for a kick in the butt to get back on track:) We want you in the best shape of your life – period end.  Nutrition is a HUGE part of that.  Ps….Pretzels and popcorn are terrible for you – come learn why!


Start with 10 points.

* Plan out 3 cheats for the week and stick to those 3.   NO Opportunistic Cheats!  subtract 1 point for any cheat other than your 3 planned!

Cheats:  All the food you already know is bad such as French Fries, cakes, Candy bars, Ice Cream, etc   New this week – Alcohol is now a cheat. If you attempt to lower the calories you can have 2 drinks as a cheat, but full torte = 1 full cheat. Ex 1 RUM and COKE = 1 cheat. 2 RUM and Diet Cokes = 1 cheat. 1 BEER = 1 Cheat., 2 Low carb/calorie BEER = 1 cheat. Yes, alcohol now chews up a CHEAT!

* Also New for Week 2 Drink 60 oz of water every day!  For every day you miss getting in 60 oz of water, subtract 1 point.

Bonus Points:  Post something  on our CF Facebook group  about the challenge to keep us all motivated  ie your cheats, or a recipe or anything.  Posting at least once gives you 5 extra points.  Do 50 sit ups and 50 GOOD squats every day for all 7 days and get another 5 points.  You can skip a day as long as you make it up by the end of the week!

Max Points for the week 20 ( 10 + 5+5).

10 responses to “Nutrition Challenge Week 2”

  1. Chrissy says:

    Here we go

  2. Janie Connor says:

    I’m in!!
    Cheat #1 bread at Carrabas for Girl’s Dinner Monday night with Kara 🙂
    Cheat #2 & #3 Dessert at dinner with my husband on Friday or Saturday
    Thanks for doing this again!!

  3. Jenn Betz says:

    I posted my cheats, but here we go.
    1. Sometime Wednesday a treat of some sort…. cookie or candy bar
    2. Dinner yesterday (Sunday night) at my Grandmother’s (nothing there is ever healthy)
    3. Dessert on Saturday night after dinner.

    I packed ALL of my meals (and snacks) to take on the road with me so I won’t be tempted to just grab something fast, and I am excited to use the jump ropes to make up for the workouts that I will be missing being away 🙁 oh, but don’t worry.. I made sure my hotel has a gym and I packed 2 Insanity dvd’s and I have old TC homework saved in my email

  4. Larissa Verta says:

    I am in again, but I am terrible about posting information and keeping my points. My goal is to just have this as knowledge as to what I need to eat and not eat per week and how to exercise as part of healthy living/lifestyle, but I am not a good poster or record keeper.

  5. Deb Schweitzer says:

    Cheats will be chocolate on Wednesday and something unhealthy (probably desert) Sat and Sunday!! Leaving the 2 cheats for the weekend as we don’t really know what we’re doing over the weekend but I am sure a meal out somewhere will happen!

  6. Deb Schweitzer says:

    Have they come out with diet wine yet lol?

  7. Chrissy says:

    No deb but i have…make a wine spritzer with a 0 calorie drink. Then u get to have 2 for a cheat!

  8. larissa verta says:

    This is my challenge week – the water! I already used one cheat this week with 2 Miller 64 beers. The other cheat is Chinese on Thursday for a co-workers birthday lunch and the other will be alcohol on Friday or Saturday.
    I did well for last week with 20 points for the post and the jump ropes with no unplanned cheats.

  9. Tammy says:

    much more doffocult then i thooought but i keep trying!

  10. Karla Eisenhauer says:

    My points for this week = 20
    January 28 -February 4, 2013