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I put this together so we are all on the same page…I may specify specific pull ups options in future WODS but here are some great subs/progressions.


* Please Do not encourage Negatives during a Pull Up WOD – it’s a high risk move and I just want to stay away from encouraging them
– caution – If folks do not do pull ups yet even the bands can be too much and very frustrating – some just hate the bands so we need other options…
Adequate SUBS –  Note I found a much better standard on jumping pull ups – see video below…if done like this they are not high risk and not all cardio…note how he says do not take a long time to get back to the bottom position.

* jumping pull ups (with really low bar) this is a no joke workout but an an excellent guide here on having 8″ (or we can go greater than 8″ for newbies) of arm above the bar and land in full arm extension…using a step if needed to get the arms way over the bar at the start…ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PeEjOcroXM
* NOTE HOW THIS GIRL IS WAY TOO LOW AND WOULD NOT GET 8″ of her arm above the bar if she stood up so hers are way harder (and at greater risk)  than the intent of jumping pull ups  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF-8WTVVeKQ – WAY TOO HARD….
* Bleacher Pull Ups – these are great as we can adjust amt of body on floor and the path to travel is short…
* SEATED RING PULL UPS: Lower Rings to the point people can sit indian style and adjust the assistance they need to get up, these are great for our setup too as they can easily be moved out of the way and no hassle getting in and out of bands… (lower rings lower than this woman but same concept)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-vOzAkOmek
* REVERSE PUSH UP (Chest to Ring Pull Up) Lower rings and do chest to ring with legs out or bent
Folks can note how they did in the wod on the board (ie Seated ring pull ups, bleacher pull ups, jumping pull ups, etc) so there is a fairness and standard to compare