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116 Burpee Kick Off Day Feb 9 (really 2/10 due to snow)

Posted on Feb 10, 2013


This WOD includes 116 burpees and was used to kick off the Burpee Challenge at CrossFit TC Unplugged!  We will end the challnge with this WOD as well and it will show how much we’ve improved:)


5 Thrusters followed by as many burpees as possible.  A 10/15 sec warning given before the start of the next minute.  Repeat as many rounds of this as possible to compete 116 Burpees.

Scoring shows how many rounds/mins it took to get 116 Burpees in.


One response to “116 Burpee Kick Off Day Feb 9 (really 2/10 due to snow)”

  1. Deb schweitzer says:

    Did the newbie wod of 3 thrusters & 66 burpees. Brutal!! Hope I can milk this newbie thing for a long as possible lol!!