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51 and 42 is the WORK Jan 23, 2013

Posted on Jan 25, 2013



Complete the  WORK  in 4 mins at the station and if so, start doing and counting the BONUS Exercise until the 4 mins are up!  Record total BONUS exercise  reps across all 3 stations.

Station 1: 51 Sit up and 42 Box Jumps BONUS if done WORK:Jump Ropes

Station 2 51 Hang Power Cleans and 42 Ab Folds (R/L=2) Bonus=Thrusters

Station 3: 50 Side Planks to leg lift (25R/25L) plus 1 lap carrying a ball

40 Football runs (R/L=2) plus 2 laps carrying a ball BONUS = Jump Jacks

Accumulate total # of BONUS exercises across all 3 stations.

Repeat only subtract 10 from the work making the WORK 41 and 32!  Record accumulated points for Rounds 2.   Total WOD is 24 mins (12X2).


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