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Boys against the Girls WOD Dec 28, 2012

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

This was a birthday WOD where one of our ladies was turning 32, another was turning 52 and one of our guys was tuning 51.

18 min AMRAP of

X Air Squats, X Cardio Sit ups, X Jump Ropes and 5 Burpees plus Y laps

For Boys X=51 and Y=1

For Girls X=52 and Y=2

But the AMRAP started by having to knock out 32 Sit Thrus  before you started…Men R/L=2. ladies were allowed to count BY TWOs so R/L=4 (for only a total of 16).  But then again women have to run 2 laps for every 1 lap:)

When we calculated the average rounds of  girls and boys – the girls won!


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