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Count Sit Up to Stands (If time permits any:) Mar 6. 2013

Posted on Mar 13, 2013


2 WODS of 9 Min of EMOTM

3 and 6 chosen as Trisha Carroll turned 36 so this was her Bday WOD!

WOD1: 3 Thrusters, 6 Burps and as many Sit up to stand to jump as you can fit in b4 min ends.  Score =total # Sit Up to Stand to Jumps accumulated in the 9 mins.

WOD2: 3 Lite DLs, 6 push press plus as many sit up to stand to jumps as you can fit in b4 min ends. Score =total # Sit Up to Stand to Jumps accumulated in the 9mins.

Rx 95/65 on bars or >25#DB for M/>15#DB for W

We had folks DL same weight as they push pressed on WOD2 and WOD 1 was done first with entire group.  Then WOD 2.


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