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Count that which sucks the most! Mar 8, 2013

Posted on Mar 13, 2013



Partner WOD.  At 1 min partner swapped amongst 2 exercises at each station.  They accumulated a running rep count only at the exercise at the station which was deemed the one that sucked the most (the hardest of the 2 exercises).  The other exercise was not counted at all – just had to be done for the minute.  The first exercise listed was the one that counted (sucked the most).  It was 10 mins to get thru 1 round (2 mins at each station  but each partner switched on the minute).

1) Pistol roll to plank and Lite Snatches

2) Burpee to hop over riser, Mountain climbers on cloth

3) Rope Wave, Bar roll outs

4) Heavy Snatches, Knees to Elbows

5) Wall Ball, Wall Squat Hold for 1 min

This WOD was repeated so scores show for Round 1 and Round 2.

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