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Crab Walk from Hell Mar 2

Posted on Mar 13, 2013


Obstacle Course PACE HORSE around perimeter: Bag Push up and back, Bag Run up and back , Bag Throw up and back, 10 wall ball sit ups and 22 Burpees!

The WOD was not over until each person got to do the Obstacle Course!

Inside WOD (done until it’s your turn to do Obstacle Course): crab walk to cones where 4 REPS of each of these were done (4 sit thrus (R/L=2),  4 DB swings, 4 Ab folks with weights (R/L=2) – then run to outside curb and back.  Then crab walk back to start.  A ball or weight had to be carried for the crab walks.   Each subsequent round you incremented the reps of the 3 exercises in the middle (First round you have to do 4 of each, next round 5 of each, 6,7,8…).  The score shown was the round you were on after the last person finished the pace horse obstacle course.


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