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Solo Reps Only WOD

Posted on Mar 13, 2013



5 Stations set up to work with teams of 3.  2 did partner exercise and 1 cranked out as many reps on solo exercise.  Each member rotated into Solo once on whistle.  1 min rotations thru each exercise on Round 1.  On round 2 at the 6pm class we did 45 sec rotations.  On Round 2 at 7pm class we did 30 sec rotations.

Score was accumulated rep count of the Solo exercises across 5 stations.

1) Partner Ball pass sit ups  Solo = thursters (oly bars or 65#)

2) P: Ball slam pass S: Hang Cleans (oly bar or 65#)

3) P: 10 Back Ext S: Squats

4) P: Box Jumps S: Ring Push-Ups

5) P: Partner Resistance band run S: 1 leg Burpees

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