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The new definition of fitness is much broader than it was historically.  It’s about how folks perform across all 10 elements, not just cardio.  Historically the marathon runner was the epitome of fitness.  Not any more as this is a measure of cardio/endurance only.   Did you know that too much cardio starts to eat away at your muscle (yup – your strength and power will actually degrade when you overwork cardio).  At CrossFit the workouts are designed to balance the 10 elements such that each is maximized, and never done at the expense of another element.  You may not place  or win the half-marathon, but you certainly wont have to train for it either:)  The science behind maximizing results also shows that for every 5 or 6 short, high intensity workouts, do 1 longer endurance workout.  Whoo hoo – this means better results in way less time! Yup – a typical CrossFit workout is 20 minutes or less!